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ZEISS Congratulates arivis for Technology Fast 50 Award

Posted on December 9, 2015 @ 11:16 am In News | No Comments


Mouse brain, optically cleared with CLARITY, courtesy of Bergan&Dulac, Harvard University [1]
Mouse brain, optically cleared with CLARITY, courtesy of Bergan&Dulac, Harvard University

Ascapex with its investment and shareholding in arivis AG [2], has made it to the prestigious list of the 50 fastest-growing high-tech companies in Germany. This has recently been recognized in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards. "Receiving the accolade of the Technology Fast 50 Award confirms that we are on the right track with our biomedical software and IT solutions“, says Andreas Suchanek, CEO and founder of arivis, commenting on the award.

One of the innovative products of arivis is the award-winning software suite arivisVision [3]. This revolutionary software for life-science and medical research enables users effortlessly to visualize, process and analyze the vast quantities of data which modern tomographic imaging systems (e.g. light sheet microscopes) produce. Multi-dimensional multi-terabyte image data sets can therefore be quickly and efficiently processed by arivisVision.


arivisVision is available for ZEISS 3D imaging systems such as ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 [4] and the ZEISS LSM 8 family of confocal microscopes [5].

Additionally, arivis is supporting ZEISS with immersive virtual reality technologies [6] that will be on display at the ZEISS booth for the upcoming ASCB 2015 meeting in San Diego [7].



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