Visit ZEISS at Neuroscience 2015 and Witness the Potential of Virtual Reality!

Experience 3D visualization of real microscopy data with Oculus Rift VR technology and test-drive our newest instruments!


Join ZEISS at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago to learn how you collect big image data with ZEISS microscopes quickly and visualize them interactively. Discover the latest ZEISS advancements in confocal and multi-photon microscopy, rapid imaging of large cleared samples and 3D scanning electron microscopy.

The presentations, workshops and sessions include insights into Airyscan imaging for multi-photon microscopy, tissue clearing methods, large volume 3D imaging for light and electron microscopy, and a world-exclusive experience: 3D visualization of real microscopy data with arivis Vision 4D and Oculus Rift virtual reality technology!

ZEISS at Neuroscience 2015: Experience microscopy like never before!
ZEISS at Neuroscience 2015: Experience microscopy like never before!

Handling and visualizing big image data acquired with modern microscopy techniques such as light sheet fluorescence, confocal, or electron microscopy is a challenge. ZEISS and arivis are pioneering the use of Oculus Rift’s advanced display technology: Be the first to virtually step into your samples. Experience a perfect three dimensional visualization to understand the spatial organization on a nanoscale level. Advanced high resolution volume rendering algorithms and a precise constellation tracking system give you the sensation of presence – the feeling of being right in the sample. You’ve never experienced immersion like this.


Some of our systems available for you at Neuroscience 2015

ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan sets new standards for sensitivity, resolution and speed in confocal imaging. Come to the ZEISS booth to discover how Airyscan technology is now available on the compact confocal power pack ZEISS LSM 800. Additionally, you will see how multi-photon imaging with Airyscan gives you excellent image quality deep within scattering tissues.

Learn how to perform high quality FE-SEM imaging with the new ZEISS Sigma family. Image cell structures at the ultrastructural level with the aSTEM detector. Combine 3View or ATUMtome serial sectioning tools with ZEISS Atlas 5 Array Tomography to create your large volume 3D imaging solution for resin embedded cell and tissue samples.


For full details and registrations for your personal instrument demo and VR experience visit our website at and don’t forget to stop by our booth!


ZEISS Microscopy will be tweeting live from #SfN15 so don’t forget to follow the hashtag and our Twitter channel!


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