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University Liège becomes labs@location Partner for ZEISS

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GeMMe at University Liège, Belgium is now a labs@location partner of ZEISS. GeMMe laboratories are dedicated to research as well as providing analytical services for industrial partners in the following specialties: Building Materials, Mineral Processing, Recycling & Hydrometallurgy and Sensor Based Sorting and Characterization. They are well known experts in their field with a great reputation.

A cross section of a modern mobile phone analyzed using ZEISS Mineralogic Mining showing metallic and non metallic phases of modern e-waste containing rare earths and critical metals required for the circular economy. Image courtesy of University of Liege, Belgium

One of the goals of labs@location is networking between leading research and industry facilities. The program has built up a strong reputation for implementing a certain technology, application or workflow. The correlative setup at the University of Liege is unique in its capability to bring together multiple analytical techniques in a single laboratory.

The group, led by Prof. Pirard, has been conducting research using advanced characterization techniques for over 20 years and is a member of a number of pan European projects such as KIK EIT Raw Materials. ZEISS has provided a scholarship at the University of Liege in which the GeMMe group is investigating improvements to the efficiency of the circular economy through a quantitative understanding of e-waste utilizing correlative automated mineralogy. ZEISS also contributes via teaching of the latest development in automated mineralogy on the Emerald Master’s program at the University of Liege.

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GeMMe of University Liège, Belgium now is a labs@location Partner of ZEISS. Focusing on the circular economy, construction materials, process mineralogy, geometallurgy as well as extractive metallurgy & recycling, Professor Pirard and his team use a correlative setup from ZEISS incorporating a ZEISS Sigma 300 FE-SEM with Mineralogic Mining software, SEM mounted µXRF system and ZEISS Axio Imager research grade polarization light microscope. This analytical powerhouse is the only such setup in Europe to date.

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