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Smart solutions for digital microscopy in industry and QA/QC

New fast 5 megapixel microscope camera for routine fluorescence applications

Acquiring up to 36 frames per second at full 5 MP resolution

ZEISS Axiocam 305 mono

ZEISS Axiocam 305 mono is the new 5 megapixel camera from ZEISS for high resolution imaging at fast speeds. State-of-the-art CMOS Global Shutter technology lets you follow and capture samples accurately. This fast camera acquires up to 36 frames per second at full 5 MP resolution.


ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Tokyo reopened

Experiencing the broad spectrum of ZEISS microscopes

Following expansion and renovation, the ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Tokyo reopened in April 2018. Around 45 customers from industry and academia attended the grand ceremony. Dr. Kaoru Sato from JFE Techno-Research Corporation, one of Japan’s most well versed experts in electron microscopy, expressed his future expectations for ZEISS in a speech. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, ZEISS offered tours of the center.


Get ahead in the game of microscopy

Combine multiple imaging technologies from ZEISS and gain new perspectives on your sample

Microscopy is so much more than simply making small things visible. With different microscopy techniques, you can observe living cells in motion, collect three-dimensional measurements, identify chemical elements, count tiny particles, characterize surfaces, create nano structures, and look into the smallest objects without destroying them.


ZEISS Microscopy Customer Centers worldwide

Spotlight on the customer

Asia, America and Europe: Eight ZEISS Microscopy Customer Centers strategically
located around the globe offer the customer a perfect insight into the ZEISS Microscopy
portfolio extending from light, electron and ion microscopes to X-ray microscopes.
More than 150 customer demonstrations are performed every month all over the
world. Every month around 50 customers attend in-house training, user meetings and
workshops focused on the subject of microscopy.


ZEISS presents a networked quality laboratory

Lab infrastructure solution ZEISS ZEN 2 core is connecting systems, data and workflows

ZEISS is presenting a networked lab for quality control and quality assurance. Connected systems, data and workflows enable more efficient collaboration – even across lab boundaries.


ZEISS Opens New Microscopy Customer Center

Experience correlative and advanced 3D microscopy

On 24 April 2017 ZEISS opened the new ZEISS Microscopy Customer Center Europe at the Oberkochen site. This is the most comprehensive ZEISS Customer Center including light, electron and X-ray microscopy in a single location: here users from Industry and Academia can try out correlative workflows between the different microscopy technologies and also advanced 3D microscopy.


Joint Webinar by ZEISS & Science/AAAS: What Automation can do for you

Free webinar on February 1 details benefits and pitfalls of automating microscopy research

In the life sciences, experimental reproducibility and repeatability are essential for ensuring that the results obtained are real and trustworthy. This often involves running an experiment multiple times under identical conditions. When repeating experiments, variation introduced through human error, environmental changes, or technical fluctuations can negatively impact the data and cause the generation of spurious results.



Integrated Scientific Imaging with ZEISS Digital Classroom

ZEISS & Swansea University highlight impact of microscopy solutions to improve quality of teaching

The Advanced Imaging of Materials (AIM) facility at Swansea University is an integrated scientific imaging centre with a strong focus on correlative microscopy. It aims to provide imaging and analytical capabilities across several length scales; from Angstroms to centimetres. The centre is designed to support industry, teaching and learning and fundamental research. One of the unique features of AIM is the ZEISS Digital Classroom. This features 30 digital Primotech microscopes which are each connected to an iPad and have the ability to stream onto the multiple screens around the lab. We spoke to Co-Directors of the AIM facility Dr Cameron Pleydell-Pearce & Dr Richard Johnston, who together manage the facility on a day-to-day basis and were instrumental in setting up the centre. Both have their own students and research groups who regularly use the ZEISS Digital Classroom.


ZEISS Microscope Travels to the Antarctic

ZEISS Primo Star HDcam enables study of microorganisms onboard the 62nd Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE)

In the evening of November 13, 2016 the research vessel Akademik Fyodorov departed from St. Petersburg on a voyage under the 62nd Russian Antarctic Expedition (RAE). The vessel is carrying 97 expedition members and a ZEISS Primo Star HDcam to Antarctica. They are the new winter crews of the Russian Progress, Vostok, and Mirny polar stations, and a part of a seasonal expedition.



Automation in Microscopy – Special Edition of Imaging & Microscopy

ZEISS & Wiley present an exclusive interactive White Paper collection that discusses the challenges of automated microscopy

Often in life sciences research, the data you are after will only be revealed through multiple runs of experiments or complex assays. Automation and parallelization of your imaging can be the only way to get there. Observing live samples over a number of days or imaging lots of multiwell plates really puts your microscope through its paces. To get reproducible, unbiased data, you must control environmental conditions such as light, temperature and CO2. Especially for demanding long-term timelapse fluorescence imaging, you need gentle illumination and a stable platform. This collection of White Papers aims to give you insights into the challenges and recent developments in the ever-expanding world of automated microscopy solutions. Automation can simplify your laboratory setup and make your work more efficient and comfortable.