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Automating Data Processing in Cancer Research

APEER is helping researchers to analyze data faster and with higher precision

APEER Data Analysis

An important aspect of cancer research is understanding why some cancer cells escape chemotherapy and become even more aggressive and resistant to treatment. At the University of Vilnius in Lithuania, Prof. Valius Mindaugas and Nadežda Dreižė use confocal microscopy to understand the impact of selected chemical compounds on the growth and cell signaling behavior of different cancer cell lines. By examining the localization of specific proteins within the cell, with and without chemical treatment, Prof. Mindaugas and his team can draw conclusions about protein function.

To identify significant trends in these types of experiments, thousands of cells must be analyzed in a reproducible manner. Doing this manually is both challenging and time consuming. Prof. Mindaugas and his team were able to utilize APEER for automatic and unbiased analysis of protein localization – resulting in more precise, impactful analyses.