A Magical Formula for Neuron Detection?

Leveraging ZEISS ZEN Intellesis and the digital microscopy platform APEER to automate segmentation workflows


Neuron Segmentation Workflow
After running the initial image through the workflow, you will receive a segmentation like this in our APEER account.

Making sense of your imaging data traditionally was and mostly still is a tedious process. One of the baselines of any neuroscientific research: Neuron detection and segmentation.

Whether you are aiming to map brain structures in 3D, find out about the wiring of different parts of the brain or understand the defects diseases like Alzheimer’s are causing within the brain structures – it all starts with neuron detection and segmentation.

Only with a good segmentation in your hands, the extraction of relevant statistical data becomes possible.




Learn how to automate neuron segmentation with a deep learning approach on the digital microscopy platform APEER

More information on ZEISS solutions for neuroscience

APEER is a digital microscopy platform for applications in science and industry.

It enables you to customize image processing workflows for your specific job – all the way from image acquisition to reporting.

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