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ZEISS Mineralogic v1.6 offers a bumper range of new capabilities


The 7th instalment of ZEISS Mineralogic since the software was brought to the market in July 2014 represents a significant advancement in both features and productivity.

ZEISS Mineralogic Mining for automated mineral analysis
ZEISS Mineralogic Mining for automated mineral analysis

The software is already well known for providing quantitative mineralogy with the ability to calibrate EDX data to reference standards whilst simultaneously quantifying mineral textures. ZEISS has expanded this capability to provide a significant throughput improvement without compromising data quality whilst also increasing the quantitative textural classification ability of the system.

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More information on ZEISS Mineralogic

ZEISS Mineralogic is a high performance geological investigation tool, answering a wide range of questions about the sample. From dedicated high throughput mineral liberation workflows to in-depth fundamental geoscientific investigations, the combination of image processing, standards-based quantitative EDS, image analysis, and reporting toolkits can be configured to interrogate even the most challenging samples.

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