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Microscopy is so much more than simply making small things visible. With different microscopy techniques, you can observe living cells in motion, collect three-dimensional measurements, identify chemical elements, count tiny particles, characterize surfaces, create nano structures, and look into the smallest objects without destroying them.

Come with us and explore the different ways you can look at your sample.


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  1. Gloria Cuenca-Bescos

    I am working on fossils of small mammals. Small vertebrates are mainly represented by isolated bones and/or teeth. I am interested in morphology, though also mineralogy, chemistry, isotopes... in the skeleton of fossil mammals. What kind of Zeiss may I ask for?
    Best regards,

  2. Murray Gilbertson

    I am undertaking research work on techniques to increase the durability of existing concrete structures particularly on the coast exposed to chloride contamination.
    What instruments would be best to look at a concrete sample (say about 50mm cubes) that can map the internal pore structure. Then after the sample is treated with a spray on hydrogel penetrant that reduces the porosity, (and also reduces the free chlorides by locking them up in the gel that forms within the pore structure), then re-doing the mapping process to understand the change in the micro, miso, and macro pore structure by the hydrogel penetrant.We have field and laboratory testing that shows the hydrogel works but we wish to gain visual internal changes to supplement the other testing.
    Thank you for your assistance

    1. ZEISS Microscopy

      Post author

      Hi Murray & Gloria,
      Thank you for your interest in our products. One of our local specialists will contact you and help you to find the best solution.

      Your ZEISS Microscopy team


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