Important Information Regarding the Release of Windows 10


UPDATE: Please see this news article

Our goal is that your ZEISS imaging system exceeds your expectations for productivity and stability.  We would like to make you aware that all ZEISS microscope systems using Windows 7 are not compatible with the upcoming Windows 10 upgrade. This includes our free file viewing software ZEN lite, ZEN starter and AxioVision LE.


Important Advice Regarding the Release of Windows 10

Upgrading your ZEISS system with Windows 10 could have negative effects, including system failure. To avoid any disruptions with your ZEISS system, we strongly urge you to not upgrade your system with Windows 10 when it becomes available on July 29, 2015.


Please follow the instructions on our website to:

  • Determine if you have already signed-up for the Windows 10 upgrade
  • Cancel your Windows 10 upgrade reservation
  • Turn off automatic upgrade reminders from Microsoft


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local ZEISS team.

North American Product and Applications support team:

Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific & rest of world:


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  1. Robert

    Are there plans to make Axiovision LE compatible with Windows 10? You can't really expect people to not get new computers ever again since new computers tend to come with Windows 10 now..

    1. Dear Robert,

      thank you for your comment! We are taking all necessary steps to make software packages compatible with Windows 10 and will be able to offer upgrade paths and import/export functions. There are already various possibilities to view and convert the AxioVision ZVI file format, for example the OME BioFormats Import/Export or ZEN lite. Of course we will keep all of our users and customers updated via newsletters, news blog, and website about further developments. If you have urgent inquiries or support queries, please contact your ZEISS account manager or write us an email:

      1. Marike Boenisch


        Are there any news about ZEN compatibility with Windows 10? An update when might be available in early 2016 would be highly appreciated.

        Thank you,


        1. Marike, thanks for posting!

          We are currently validating our microscopy software packages for Windows 10 and expect to release updates, upgrades and new software packages for selected systems in the months to come. Please understand that Windows 10 requires e.g. new camera drivers to be written, licensed and approved so this process together with various system configurations that have to be tested and validated is quite time-consuming and also dependent on external processes where we have no influence on. We will announce availability of new microscopy software packages compatible with Windows 10 on the blog and in our newsletters.
          If you need more specific details, please contact your ZEISS account manager or write to

  2. Dan

    Su mensaje es claro en el sentido de no realizar la actualización, pero en lo particular he adquirido un nuevo equipo de cómputo que ya viene precargado con windows10, pero necesito continuar trabajando y usando el microscopio ZEISS y el sistema de microscopía Zeiss con ZEN y AxioVision LE. Por lo anterior las preguntas son:
    ¿Tienen una fecha próxima sobre la actualización para los productos ZEISS a windows 10?
    ¿Qué alternativa nos pueden dar a los clientes?.
    Porque la migración a windows 10 es inevitable y estamos esperando apoyo.

    1. Dan, we are in the final stages of validating our microscopy software packages for Windows 10 and expect to release updates, upgrades and new software packages for selected systems early next year. If you need more specific details, please contact your ZEISS account manager or write to You can trust us that we strive to ensure the highest availability and compatibility for our customers. Gracias, feliz navidad!

  3. Haagen Waade

    This is just not good enough.
    Windows 10 have now been available almost a year and still Zen Lite does not work!

    We need to run Zen Lite to just work with the images offline.
    No need for camera drivers or other things.
    It should not be much work to just get the installation of Zen Lite updated to work with Windows 10?

    PS: Would be nice if Zen Lite had all the bloat of drivers removed, so you only had a simple install of the software. It is quite a messy installation for enterprise deployment.

    1. Dear Haagen,

      thank you for your comment. We've forwarded your remarks to our software teams and will be looking into a process to optimize our software packages for enterprise deployment. A Windows 10 compatible ZEN package is in the last rounds of testing and will arrive shortly, please accept our apologies for any inconveniences. We will announce the availability shortly. Your ZEISS Microscopy.

      1. Haagen Waade

        Thanks for a quite reply!
        I hope the new ZEN lite comes soon.

        Another thing you can bring forward would be to open the possibility to run multiple instances of ZEN lite on a Remote Desktop Server. As it runs now, it only allows to run 1 instance on the server.

        1. Haagen Waade

          And also:
          It would be great if ZEN would be multithreaded so exporting files (convert) and other computationally tasks would benefit from multiple CPU/cores.
          ZEN only make use of 1 core as much I can see.

          1. Haagen Waade

            I just found your Zen 2.3 release that supports Windows 10
            Thanks for that! 🙂

          2. Haagen, glad you found it - seems our developers were faster than our communications department 😉 official announcement and more details following soon!

  4. Jerome

    Zeiss team,
    Do you have any communication regarding SmartZoom 5? We have held off on Windows 10 so far but the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free is almost over. Any news?

    1. Dear Jerome, please contact your ZEISS account manager. To ensure full functionality of your Smartzoom 5, we do not recommend to execute any software changes to the preinstalled workstation.

  5. jan


    I am designing a workstation to run Zen 2.3. how many CPU and/or GPU Cores can it maximally use in windows 7 and would this change when it becomes compatible with windows 10?

  6. Omar Jimenez

    Can axiovision LE run in windows 10? we are in 2018 and our suppliers are selling us the computers only with windows 10.


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