Free ZEISS Webinar: Airyscan – A Novel Approach to Confocal Imaging: First User Insights



LSM 880 with Airyscan - Revolutionize Your Confocal Imaging
LSM 880 with Airyscan - Revolutionize Your Confocal Imaging

Confocal microscopy is an established standard for 3D imaging in life sciences. ZEISS Airyscan is a new GaAsP array detector for ZEISS LSMs. Airyscanning technology delivers better signal-to-noise, 1.7 times higher resolution or higher frame rates. In this webinar on June 22nd, ZEISS Airyscan users will present and discuss their first results.

Dr. Peter O’Toole from University of York performed first beta tests of ZEISS Airyscan. He will provide his thoughts on this novel detector concept, based on his extensive work in developing and testing various imaging systems for life science applications.

Dr. Benjamin Prosser from University of Pennsylvania will present Airyscanning data from his investigations of the role of cytoskeleton in the mechanical properties of heart cells and how microtubules function as mechanical springs in beating heart cells.

If you should not be able to join the live session, all registered participants will be notified about the availability of the recorded session.


Join us on June 22nd to hear the first impressions from scientists using ZEISS Airyscan and submit your questions in a live Q&A session! Register today and reserve your seat!


Interested in the new ZEISS LSM 8 family with Airyscan? Click here to visit the website and request your personal instrument demo!

Download the exclusive technology note "Basic Principle of Airyscanning"

Download the exclusive application note about spectral imaging with ZEISS Quasar technology


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