ZEISS invites to Day of Microscopy in Oberkochen, Germany

Focus on the latest microscopy techniques and a wide range of applications


ZEISS will host the Day of Microscopy at the ZEISS Forum and ZEISS Microscopy Customer Centre Europe in Oberkochen on May 16 and 17, 2018. International guests from research, science and industry can expect a varied program of lectures, workshops and discussions that will give impressive applicative and technological insights into light, electron and X-ray microscopy at ZEISS.

Day of Microscopy
Visitors will have the chance to explore new microscopy techniques.

Keynotes from science and industry will take you into the world of tomorrow to demonstrate the broad scope of microscopy: Dr. Ralf Schmidt from Robert Bosch GmbH will speak about „Analytics in the Industrial Environment − From Macro to Micro“. Dr. Jan Ellenberg from the Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg will present the talk: „Imaging Across Scales Using Light and Electron Microscopy“. And Professor Eric Pirard from the University of Liege in Belgium will focus on industrial applications and introduce: „Designing Electronic Goods for the Circular Economy”. The program will be held in english.

Day of Microcopy
Workshops will provide insights into the latest applications and technologies as well as basic principles in microscopy.

The extensive workshop program will show you the latest applications and technologies for the life sciences, materials research and industry, and also the product innovations from ZEISS.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the ZEISS production facilities on a factory tour. In the round table discussions, they can exchange expertise on trends in microscopy with colleagues and ZEISS specialists and discuss fundamental questions on development and future requirements.

More information on the agenda and registration

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