Correlative Microscopy in Materials Science (Second Edition)

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Correlative microscopy is not a single technique but a varied collection of techniques that share a common approach. By applying several different microscopy techniques to a single sample, scientists can study it at a much broader range of magnifications than is possible with a single technique. This allows them to conduct an initial low-magnification inspection of a sample to identify specific regions of interest (ROIs), which they can then zoom in on for a more detailed analysis, saving time and expense. There are other important advantages as well. Correlative microscopy allows scientists to study a greater diversity of samples, as some microscopy techniques work better with some materials than others, and to generate a much greater range of information about those samples at various different scales.

What’s new in the second edition?

Correlative Microscopy in Materials Science by Wiley
ZEISS & Wiley present free guide on Correlative Microscopy in Materials Science (Second Edition)

The second edition of this Essential Knowledge Briefing (EKB) offers an introduction to correlative microscopy. It begins by describing the different techniques that are commonly combined in correlative microscopy workflows, and outlines what specific benefits these different combinations provide. This is followed by a description of the combinations scientists tend to employ for studying different materials, with a specific focus on non-biological materials. There are also several case studies detailing specific examples of how scientists have applied correlative microscopy and what it has allowed them to discover.

The EKB also discusses the not-inconsiderable challenges of combining different microscopy techniques that work in different ways, require the sample to be treated in different ways and produce images at widely differing magnifications and resolutions. It finishes by highlighting some of the latest developments, including increasing automation and the introduction of super-resolution microscopy.

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