Improving Efficiency in the Materials Lab – Part 3

Accessing your images, data, and workflow templates any time at any place with ZEISS ZEN Data Storage


In this series, we are introducing the newest modules of ZEISS ZEN core – the most comprehensive suite of imaging, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected material laboratories.

Advancing data management in your microscopy lab

A huge amount of images and data needs to be managed, especially in larger lab environments. It is almost impossible to bring data from different systems together to extract the maximum information.

With ZEISS ZEN Data Storage, your operators, analysts, and lab managers can access all data from different systems, or even locations. Metadata helps you to find whatever content you look for, whenever you need it. Your lab equipment can be utilized much more effectively by separating image acquisition from data analysis. You can share instrument presets and workflows between experts and non-expert users to always assure the quality of your analyses. Correlating data from different microscopes becomes easier than ever before.

ZEISS ZEN Data Storage is part of the software suite ZEISS ZEN core, it is compatible with all ZEISS microscopes and even integrates third party solutions.

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