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New materials for more efficient imaging with your ZEISS microscope

ZEISS ZEN Imaging Software

ZEN 2.3 imaging software for microscopy features significant upgrades for imaging with ZEISS research instruments. ZEN 2.3 includes new features and improvements for our next-generation ZEISS Axiocam microscope cameras, ZEISS LSM 800 confocal microscope, and the new ZEISS Axio Observer microscope platform, among others. Make your imaging and user training more efficient with our newest guides, video tutorials and FAQ website!

ZEISS Software Tutorial: Introduction to the ZEN 2.3 3Dxl Module

The software tutorial gives an introduction to the new 3Dxl rendering module available for ZEN (blue) 2.3, powered by arivis.

ZEISS Software Tutorial: Working with Ultrafast Deconvolution (GPU DCV) in ZEN 2.3

The software tutorial gives an overview of the advanced GPU-based deconvolution module available for ZEN (blue) 2.3.

ZEISS Software Tutorial: Introduction to Definite Focus.2 in ZEN 2.3

The software tutorial gives an introduction to the Definite Focus.2 functions “Find Surface” and “Lock Focus” in ZEN (blue) 2.3.

More ZEISS video tutorials are available on our YouTube playlist: Imaging Software for Microscopy

Quick Guide for ZEN 2.5 (blue edition) – First steps with ZEN

The new Quick Guide for ZEN 2.5 gives users an introduction into the basic functions of ZEN such as the layout of the user interface and the workspace, and provides a step-by-step tutorial for acquisition of the first image. The download is available for free by following this link. Die deutsche Version des Quick Guides ist hier verfügbar

ZEISS FAQ Pages for Light Microscopy

Our new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages collect various materials and helpful content regarding software and hardware for light microscopy applications, including ZEN and Axiovision guides. Visit the overview here!

For more details about software, services & trainings please contact your ZEISS account manager or use our web contact form: www.zeiss.com/microscopy/contact

You can download your personal copy of the free ZEN lite image viewer at www.zeiss.com/zen-lite

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Please note that your professional ZEISS confocal, widefield, superresolution or light sheet microscopy workstation is supported by us on the basis of the pre-installed system image, e.g. Windows 7 64bit with ZEN 2.0. Before performing any upgrades to the operating system or ZEN imaging software, please consult with your ZEISS account manager first.

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