Virtual Reality becomes Reality in Microscopy

ZEISS and arivis for the first time enable immersive microscopy for life and materials sciences

Virtual reality solutions are regarded as important drivers for future technological developments. ZEISS in close collaboration with arivis AG now offers its customers a unique virtual reality application for microscopy.

arivis InViewR: 3D view of mouse brain tissue, optically cleared with LUMOS and imaged with ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1. Olga Efimova, National Research Center, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia.

Modern ZEISS light-, electron-, und X-ray microscopes are able to image large sample volumes non-destructively and in high resolution, resulting in large volumes of imaging data that span from the gigabyte up to the terabyte range. Thanks to innovative software solutions by arivis it is now possible to process these big image data and visualize them either as volumes or segmented surfaces with 3D data glasses. That way, materials scientists are able to explore the inner structures of parts that have been created by 3D printing or additive manufacturing methods in order to inspect their accuracy and porosity. Another example is neuroscience where immersive visualization of big image data helps researchers to understand the complex connection arrangement of neurons within brain structures, the so-called “connectome”.

Virtual reality enables fly-throughs of 3D microscopy datasets with simple movements of the head and a controller, from overall views up to detail views in the nanometer range. Regions of Interest can be explored from various perspectives and in their spatial context. Virtual travels through image data create a feeling of immersion that facilitates completely new insights through a better understanding of the spatial structures and their contextual relations. The spectator virtually dives deep into his research data.

arivis InViewR: 3D view of the internal structure of a gear, additive manufacturing with 3D laser sintering (SLS) and imaging with ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa X-ray microscope. Tim Schubert & Timo Bernthaler, IMFAA, Aalen University, Germany.

With arivis InViewR, ZEISS and arivis for the first time introduce a high-end virtual reality application for microscopy systems that emphasizes the pioneering spirit and technological leadership of both companies. It is the common goal of ZEISS and arivis to inspire new users from technology and research fields with InViewR and to expand the extensive possibilities of virtual reality. A comprehensive support program with integrated community makes sure that users receive competent service with their technical questions and are able to exchange their experiences between different fields of applications.

ZEISS and arivis will be presenting this virtual reality innovation from July 24 – 27 at the Microscopy & Microanalysis tradeshow (M&M) in Columbus, Ohio in frame of the annual conference of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA).

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