Organizing and Managing Digital Classrooms Efficiently

New software module ZEISS Labscope Teacher

Today’s interconnected world of digital media is changing how students learn. A digital classroom from ZEISS creates an interactive learning environment where these digital natives feel at home. Microscopy is much more fun, and having fun while learning is bound to inspire better results. The challenge as a teacher is to manage this technology and maximize its value in today’s digital classroom. That’s where the new software module ZEISS Labscope Teacher comes in:

It expands the existing ZEISS Labscope installation and puts the lecturer in charge of all connected microscopes in the network of the digital classroom while they move freely around the classroom. It lets the teacher define working groups, send group-specific tasks, and share digital information such as documents or presentations, thereby fostering teamwork. The master device makes it easy to keep everybody on track. The lecturer only needs to define the classroom layout once. Simple reloading to start the lesson saves valuable teaching time.

ZEISS Labscope Teacher helps teachers to actively organize their lessons and manage the digital classroom efficiently.
ZEISS Labscope Teacher helps teachers to actively organize their lessons and manage the digital classroom efficiently.

Engaged and focused learning

With ZEISS Labscope Teacher, it’s easy to follow every individual’s progress so lecturers can adapt their teaching to suit each one. They’ll see thumbnails of all their activity at a glance. This lets them keep an eye on everybody and, where needed, alter image settings remotely. It’s just as easy to share the information.

ZEISS Labscope Teacher generates a private cloud space automatically, allowing teachers to show and discuss each student’s work on a monitor and share results in real-time.

More information on ZEISS Labscope Teacher

More information on Digital Classrooms with ZEISS microscopes

With a ZEISS Digital Classroom, the teacher is able to:

Directly access each student’s live microscope image via an iPad or Windows PC Snap images and record videos Alter and correct image settings remotely Define working groups and send group-specific tasks Move freely around classroom and at the same time see through all of the eyepieces Select any student’s image and show it with a projector or TV screen to the class Discuss working methods/details with individual students while the rest can observe it Share results via email, social, or your automatically set up private cloud space

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