Gram Staining in Medical Microbiology

Learn the protocol and understand the results of gram staining in this application note

Gram staining is a well established method of staining bacteria. It is an important part of the diagnosis of infectious diseases, since gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria are often treated using different antibiotics.

Click to download this application note on gram staining in medical microbiology.

This application note reviews:

  • The basics of bacteria biology and gram staining
  • The process of gram staining
  • Classification of bacteria based on gram staining
  • Microscope recommendations for accurate and reproducible data analysis

Download the application note: “Gram Staining to Differentiate between Bacteria in Medical Microbiology.”

Learn more about ZEISS Axiolab 5 – the recommended microscope for medical laboratories performing gram staining.

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    Great service done by ZEISS. Exciting reports about new trends and procedures in LM-& specific new microscopy techniques…always welcome, even to a retired ‚chimp‘ ….congrats and best wishes

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