Improving Efficiency in the Materials Lab – Part 1

Automated Image Segmentation with ZEISS ZEN Intellesis

In this series, we are introducing the newest modules of ZEISS ZEN core – the most comprehensive suite of imaging, analysis, and data connectivity tools for multi-modal microscopy in connected material laboratories.

ZEISS ZEN Intellesis for simpler, automated image segmentation

Before starting analysis, the hardest step is always segmenting your images – dividing one region from another. If you can’t segment the regions automatically, the segmentation becomes the bottleneck for analysis. And that might end in a drop in productivity.

The ZEISS ZEN Intellesis module uses a simple interface – the user labels a few regions just by painting them in. Using deep learning, the software then labels the entire image. By labelling more regions, you can improve the model and teach the system how to segment your images properly. And best of all, once you’ve trained a model – you can re-use it, share it and use it for a bundle of images.

ZEISS ZEN Intellesis is part of the ZEISS ZEN core suite. It is compatible with all ZEISS standard analysis modules, third party images from any microscope, even 3D data sets.

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