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Working at ZEISS

Software Architect Stefan Schneider talks about the role that software plays in his work at Digital Innovation Partners in Munich and how he started at ZEISS.

Stefan, first question: What’s the difference between a software architect and a software engineer?

The software architect looks more for the big picture. What is our mindset when it comes to software? What is our common understanding regarding technology and how we want to work?

Stefan Schneider, Software Architect

What’s your background?

I am a classic computer science guy. I studied at the TU Munich and also did my PhD there. After that I worked in several projects in industry and in research.

How did you learn about ZEISS? What did you know before?

I didn’t know much. I knew ZEISS from the eyeglass lenses, but I only had a fuzzy image. I saw the advertising on Stack Overflow and applied for the job. And less than 4 weeks later I started at ZEISS.

Describe your first two weeks at the Digital Innovation Partners.

Fast and getting many things done in a short time.

Which software do you work with the most?

In the first two weeks mainly Outlook to schedule appointments (laughs). Microsoft Azure however will be important in the future as I will focus on cloud computing in my work.

Which role does software play for ZEISS now and in the future?

Today software is often not the main focus. However I see a shift in how software is being perceived, in how the interaction with software is being perceived. More and more software is seen as crucial for ZEISS not only to build really good products and solutions but especially to help our customers make the most of our solutions in their day-to-day work. Our ambition is to make our customers successful.

Why should someone like you join the Digital Innovation Partners?

If you are a team player who wants to build cool things that are built fast, this is the right place for you!


Are you interested in joining ZEISS? Click here, to browse through our open positions.


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