“Like a start-up on steroids”

Working at ZEISS

Senior Product Engineer Devran “Cosmo” Uenal answers questions on his work at ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners in Munich, how he started at ZEISS and the upcoming Hackathon:

Cosmo, you just joined the ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners as a Senior Product Engineer. What’s your background?

I have a broad background with a focus on web and software development. In my work I am always trying to stay t-shaped. Working with gadgets, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets and wearables are my thing.

How did you learn about ZEISS? What did you know before?

That’s a long story! My father is a passionate photographer and always told me that ZEISS made the best camera lenses out there. So deep inside I always knew ZEISS was high-end.

20 years later I stumbled over a Stack Overflow ad for a position at ZEISS. It was kind of annoying because it popped up over and over again. So one day I clicked it and it was like someone wrote the perfect job description for me. Develop prototypes, VR, wearables. It was 100% me. So I dropped Matthias Gohl, Head of the ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners a line on LinkedIn and we talked. And now I am sitting here. So if you feel you want to know more about ZEISS or a specific job, just ask him or one of us.

What are you working on at the moment?

For example, I’m currently developing a graphical user interface and software for a VR/AR project. Right now I’m in the prototype phase and sketching out the basis for the real implementation.

Besides that, I’m involved in the organization of ZEISS Hackathons. They are very cool, because Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables definitely play a big role! The next ZEISS Hackathon in Munich will take place on 28-30 April. If somebody is interested in hacking on highly technological ZEISS products, they can still register for the Hackathon and come over. Maybe we can have a talk, too.

Which tools/software do you use the most?

It varies from project to project. At the moment I would say Xcode, Sketch and TextMate.

Why should a guy like you join the ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners?

At ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners everything is in flow. The structures are just being defined. It’s a “learn as we go” culture in the very positive sense. You could say it’s like working for a start-up. However, compared to a start-up there is one big difference. You may start from zero with a product but with 170 years of experience and knowledge in the background, many things go easier and way faster. To sum it up, I would say it’s like a start-up on steroids!


Are you interested in joining ZEISS? Click here, to browse through our open positions.


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  1. Lars Grieger

    Zeiss has certainly a great portfolio here. Just be careful with the long term use of steroids... 😉


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