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Education is a continuous process of facilitating teaching and learning at every stage in life, such as at school, university and in an apprenticeship – and microscopy is an essential part of the life- and earth sciences. Students use microscopes to gain deeper insight into preparing and examining human, animal or plant cells.

For this, they need various microscopy techniques and software for image acquisition and documentation in their lectures. And this is where the Digital Classroom comes into play: connected ZEISS microscopes, the imaging app Labscope and digital equipment such as tablets enable an interactive approach to learning and create a motivating and engaging atmosphere for students. Learning becomes a game, and students can have fun sharing their microscope images with others and exploring their samples together.

At the UK Big Bang Young Scientists & Engineers Fair at Birmingham NEC, young people could discover the exciting opportunities in science, technology, engineering and maths – and the Digital Classroom was not to be missed. With a fully-interactive showcase, ZEISS presented the technology solution, and students, parents and teachers checked out how learning can be turned into an interactive experience. Teachers can walk through the classroom and give real-time feedback while students can share what they are looking at with their classmates and the teacher via WiFi or large screens and talk about their findings.

Read the whole blog article and watch the video to learn more about the demonstration at the Big Bang Science Fair and see how the children get excited about science and microscopes.

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