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Working at ZEISS

ZEISS has always been synonymous with innovations. The same is true of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). As befits this connection, the ZEISS Experience Day was held in Oberkochen in cooperation with the Karlsruhe School of Optics & Photonics on 5 December. Both German and international students from KIT had the opportunity to speak at length with employees and managers while also learning what it’s like to work at ZEISS. Dr. Anna Hörner, Senior Manager for Innovation at ZEISS and Innovation Scout at KIT, organizes this cooperation. In the run-up to the event, she answered three questions:


Put simply, what is your job?
“I work in Corporate Research and Technology at ZEISS and am an Innovation Scout at KIT. My job is to look for exciting cooperation partners at KIT so that the university and ZEISS can drive innovations together. Ideally, KIT and ZEISS should complement each other’s research and applications to create new innovations.”

What does the cooperation between ZEISS and KIT look like?
“The plan is to strengthen the cooperation between KIT and ZEISS. This encompasses multiple areas such as innovation, my area of focus, along with other topics like education. As an Innovation Scout, my top priority is to be familiar with the current research at KIT, compare this with current research at ZEISS and find the right applications. Once this is done, projects can be implemented.”


Why is the cooperation with KIT important for ZEISS?
“As a company, ZEISS is making major investments in R&D. Moreover, ZEISS also supports and sponsors cooperation with partners like universities, which conduct a lot R&D for new technologies. What university departments often lack, however, is the industrial application and the market to transform their findings into innovations. I got to know KIT as a university with many ties to industry. Together with their competency profile, it’s possible to develop interesting projects and foster close cooperation. ZEISS offers an industry perspective, cutting-edge research topics along with applications and markets. Together, we can achieve new insights and generate innovations.”

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