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Leaving the Comfort Zone to Learn and Grow

Prior to joining ZEISS in late 2016, Beverly was working as a Senior Ophthalmic Investigation Technologist in a local eye hospital for 3 years. Having a good impression and familiarity with the ZEISS quality and its equipment, Beverly was pleased to take on her first corporate sales role at ZEISS. In this interview, she shares her journey to a challenging yet rewarding career in the Vision Care business group.


“I enjoy the work I do because I see the point of it all: to help people see better and thus improve their lives”

Glancing at your alarm clock in the morning or looking at the menu one evening at the Italian place around the corner – a lot of people have trouble doing these things without the right visual aids! Silvia Schön knows this all too well: “I am extremely short-sighted and have been wearing glasses since I was nine years old,” she says. Since good vision is not something Silvia can take for granted, she’s all the more grateful to work at a company that stands for optimum visual comfort and exceptional visual experiences.


A World of Bugs and Bytes

"VISIONary ideas wanted" at the ZEISS Hackathon in Munich and Bangalore

At the ZEISS Hackathon held in Munich and Bangalore at the end of January, programmers, designers and businesspeople from across the globe came together to fly the flag of better vision. They had just 24 hours to draw on their ingenuity and technical vision to come up solutions that would go a long way toward improving the lives of people with visual impairments. In the end, they all gained experience and the best ideas were honored with prizes.


“Here I feel like I’m really doing something important with my work!”

She never thought that one day she’d be working in the field of vision care: Sandrine studied chemistry in Paris and Lyon and has a Ph.D. from the University of Bayreuth. When looking for a job after completing her dissertation, she came across a job posting from ZEISS which fit her professional profile perfectly. In this interview, she explains what she values about ZEISS and her work in the Vision Care business group.