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“I can always contribute my ideas and help shape the future.”

Many drivers fear it: road salt in winter. After all, it speeds up rusting. In automobile construction, electroplating is essential. The galvanizing process essentially involves an object being coated in metal using electricity and an electrolytic-enriched bath. In the case of a car body with zinc, the process is intended to protect against rust. Surface technology offers many more possibilities.


“ZEISS is definitely the jackpot for me!”

Not only are they extremely tiny in the meantime, but we can no longer imagine our lives without them: microchips. The entirety of today’s information and communication technology is simply not conceivable without them. Think, for example, about the rapid development from the first mobile phones to today’s smartphones: they are basically pocket-sized computers. Modern technology is getting smaller and more powerful by the day. But what do microchips in smartphones have to do with ZEISS, an optics and optoelectronics concern?