Redefining Storytelling in Employer Branding

Working at ZEISS

What was that guy called again – the one who always cycles to work? I think Lea knows! Oh no – I actually wanted to ask Uwe if we can interview him about his diving. But it’s already getting pretty late. I’ll do it tomorrow! Did the guy from Research get in touch with you? He knows a lady working in Jena who’d be perfect for a story in our current series. Wow! Look at this amazing photo of bees! It was captured using our camera lenses. Do any of our colleagues keep bees? Let’s write a story about that. Awesome! I know just the person. Did you set up a meeting with the plant fire department? That would be a great addition to our focus on passion. Yeah, let’s write something about women firefighters at ZEISS. Hey, I’ve got a great idea for a new series. Let’s meet up later to brainstorm. Michael just messaged me to say he knows a guy working in Italy who has a really cool story for us about opportunities. Oh fab, Paula in Singapore has another suggestion for us. Excellent! I’m just putting the finishing touches to the concept for our next campaign. What do you think about making a video? 



Every day, we give our all – we’re so passionate about what we do, and that’s exactly how we liven up our channels, by filling them with content created by people for people. We’re always on the lookout for exciting stories, great photos, as well as colleagues with unusual experiences, hobbies and ambitions. And we present them to you in a way that makes you want to read on. We check out the latest trends and think outside the box. To stand out from the crowd – and knock your socks off. We want to show you that we’re a cool company, with even cooler people, and that we offer an incredible number of opportunities to achieve your goals while staying true to yourself. And who knows, one day we might even be telling your story. As a member of the big, global ZEISS team. 

// Annika and Julia, Editors-in-Chief for Text and Images, Employer Branding. 

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