Fostering Trust through Consultation

Working at ZEISS

They say the customer is king. But surely we’ve all realized that this statement should be taken with a grain of salt. Lisa disagrees. She believes the customer really is king, every time. But this promise is not so easy to keep. That’s because Lisa’s customers come from both Germany and abroad, and they do not purchase any mass-produced machines. They come to her with special requirements that only custom-made measuring machines can meet. But these challenges are something Lisa loves about her work. Particularly as they allow her to come into contact with people in other countries. She speaks several languages and is a great communicator. “You have to consider the international factor because customers and colleagues from outside Germany often have a different mentality, and you have to be aware of any differences.” And if customers get impatient because things aren’t going as planned, she knows she has to keep cool and professional.



If you’re getting snowed under, it’s essential to stay calm and collected. The phone may be ringing off the hook and the emails pouring in, but it’s important to keep cool and prioritize: “I have plenty of hectic days at the office, and I’m asked to do a lot of things ad hoc.” As a customer consultant, Lisa is the contact person for many ZEISS customers, sales and service companies, and colleagues around the world. Every machine order she receives is a project unto itself – and every project an opportunity for personal and professional development. Lisa ensures everything runs smoothly, provides expert consultations and explains complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Customers find out as little as possible – if anything – about any difficulties, particularly in the event of complications. “As customer consultants, we can be relied on to ensure this happens. We aspire to foster trust through consultation,” says Lisa. But of course, one person cannot ensure all of this. If problems arise in a project or with a customer, then Lisa has to be able to count on the entire team. There is definitely a need to establish processes. “This works very well on my team. The longer you’ve been here, the easier it is to get to know more people, which means you are always learning more.” And together, they find the right solution to any problem.



Together, they make the impossible possible. Like delivering three complete measuring machines in just two weeks. In two weeks, Lisa and her colleagues achieved what it normally takes eight to ten weeks to achieve per machine. A distraught customer called up the Sales department and said that his warehouse had burned down, and with it three ZEISS measuring machines. He needed a solution right away. “These are the moments in which we can show that ZEISS not only delivers top quality, but also leads the way in customer service.” Lisa joined forces with colleagues handling sales, logistics, commissioning and dispatch to ensure the machines were shipped to the customer in record time. “Sometimes, I’m forced to look beyond the standard process in order to help the customer. This also gives me the freedom to make decisions. Decisions that will help us serve customers and strengthen the trust they have in us.” What motivates Lisa to tackle every challenge that comes her way? That would be the praise she receives from her colleagues, her boss, and also from her customers, who express their gratitude through emails and phone calls. “I’m constantly reminded of why I enjoy going to work every day.”


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