“Every One of My Colleagues is Passionate about Providing Doctors with the Best Product Possible”

Working at ZEISS

Yorck von Bülow has been working at the ZEISS Medical Technology business group since 2016, having started as a trainee in the Global Graduate Program (GGP). Read on to find out why he chose ZEISS, what his start as a trainee was like, and which aspects of his current work in product management particularly inspire him.

Yorck, you have been working at ZEISS in the Medical Technology business group since January 2016. What did you do before coming to ZEISS, and what experiences had you had in the area of medical technology?

After completing my A-levels in England, I studied business administration with a focus on management and technology at the Technical University of Munich, where I received my master’s degree. Before starting university, I spent a gap year volunteering at a hospital in Stuttgart – this gave me my first look at the world of medicine and medical technology. Afterwards, I knew that being a doctor just wasn’t for me, but I thought the technologies used were quite exciting. It was important to me to literally hold a product in my hand that gives doctors real added value. That was why I joined ZEISS Medical Technology in 2016, where I started as a trainee in the GGP. Today I work in product management for surgical microscopes in the Ophthalmology area.



What exactly made you choose to start your career with ZEISS and the GGP?

I had been familiar with ZEISS since I was a teenager. For me, it was always a really special experience to take my grandfather’s ZEISS binoculars with me on camping trips. Later I noticed that I was fascinated by what ZEISS stood for. ZEISS was simply a company I very much wanted to work for. It produces really exciting technologies in rapidly changing markets while still maintaining a strong sense of tradition. The GGP was the ideal way to get to know ZEISS inside and out, thanks especially to the rotation that is part of the program.

What did you particularly like about your time as a trainee?

The first months involved several training courses and getting oriented. I really liked how quickly we were given responsibility and the opportunity to immediately play an active role and suggest new ideas. The entire team took the time to train me as if I were a new colleague who’d be staying for years – even though everyone knew that I would move on just a few months later to learn about a different area.

You have been working in product management since completing your traineeship. What challenges do you face in this area?

I’m currently working on developing a new visualization technology for the OR. It’s very exciting, but also really challenging. You constantly have to find a compromise between development time, production costs and all the new technologies coming on market.

What about your work at ZEISS inspires you?

That’s easy to answer: every one of my colleagues is passionate about providing doctors with the best product possible so that they can do their work even better. This is not a question of selling something just to make a sale. We strive to make the doctor’s work easier and improve outcomes. This benefits the patient directly. In other words: if we do our work well, people all around the world are better off. How many people can say this about their jobs?

Thank you for the interview.

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