“At Digital Innovation Partners you play a leading role”

Working at ZEISS

Project Leader Christian Schultheiss talks about his role at Digtial Innovation Partners and how he started at ZEISS.

Christian, you studied geography. How did you learn about ZEISS and why did you end up as a project leader with Digital Innovation Partners?

That is true! I worked as a scientific assistant at the Chair of Spatial Development at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. There I started to learn coding as an autodidact. With that knowledge, I helped to drive the digital transformation of the department. After that, I worked in a start-up as a senior developer. How did I come to ZEISS? Well, good question and nice co-incidence. A friend of mine already works at ZEISS and she told me many good things about the company and put me in contact with Matthias Gohl, who heads Digital Innovation Partners. After that, everything went quite fast. I was fascinated by the opportunities and within a few weeks, I joined Digital Innovation Partners.

“Usually you join a company and you have a fixed role. Here at Digital Innovation Partners you play a leading role in building up something new!” 

Christian Schultheiss, Project Leader at Digital Innovation Partners
Christian Schultheiss, Project Leader at Digital Innovation Partners




What did you know about ZEISS before?

I knew about the microscopes already and as a techie, I heard about the ZEISS VR ONE and the Smart Glass project. What I did not know about was the large B2B sector. That impressed me. Today I use the breadth of ZEISS technology and the cool stories you can tell about ZEISS myself when interviewing candidates.

What did you learn about Digital Innovation Partners?

That we are spearheading the digital transformation. Today ZEISS is not perceived as leading in digitalization. Our ambition is to change that! We want to be a catalyst of digitalization at ZEISS.

What are you working on at the moment?

Actually, this is still top secret. I am working on a project for our Microscopy business group where we are trying to combine hardware and software to build a digital ecosystem and develop solutions for academia and industry.

Can you give us three words that define your role as Project Leader?

Agile – as I am helping to bring agile methods to ZEISS. Collaboration – as I am working very closely with the business groups and, for example, Corporate IT. Catalyst – as we are driving the digital transformation at ZEISS by experimenting with new tools and methods and testing new software before it is rolled out ZEISS-wide. We always start from the customer. We want to make ZEISS customers successful – jointly with the business groups.

Why should a guy like you join Digital Innovation Partners?

I remember something that Matthias Gohl said in my job interview that finally won me over: usually you join a company and you have a fixed role. Here at Digital Innovation Partners you play a leading role in building up something new! In addition, you can experiment on your own with a lot of freedom. If you have a good idea, go to Matthias. He really supports the innovative, dynamic mindset and wants to combine it with a “can-do” attitude. If you are motivated and performance-oriented you can really make a difference here!

Thanks for the interview, Christian!

Are you interested in joining ZEISS? Click here, to browse through our open positions and visit the Digital Innovation Partners Website.

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