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Anja Kaiser and Falk Hartwig, Head of the ZEISS Medical Technology site in Munich, with the UX Design Award at the IFA in Berlin

The Medical Technology business group received the UX Design Award for the ZEISS KINEVO 900 at the IFA, the global trade show for digital products and consumer electronics in Berlin. We are also pleased to announce that the system has also been honored with the Red Dot Design Award this year.


A tremendous honor for the UX and design teams at ZEISS!

We spoke with Anja Kaiser, who is responsible for the UX team from the Medical Technology and Microscopy business groups at ZEISS, about receiving the UX Design Award, why the jury opted for ZEISS and the importance of the user experience more generally.

We are delighted that you received this special award. What did it feel like when you climbed onto the winners’ pedestal?

It was a very nice feeling, an affirming feeling, to receive the award. Just a few weeks ago when I leafed through the exhibition catalog with all 48 nominated products and designs, I was really impressed by our competitors’ high standards. Thus I was all the more delighted that we were chosen by the jury for the UX concept of the ZEISS KINEVO and for our work. I was the first UX expert to start work at ZEISS in Munich a good five years ago. I have since firmly established the subject of UX at ZEISS Medical Technology and have set up the UX team. At that time I would never have even dreamed that, just five years later, we would be in the same league as the big design agencies. But that’s where we are today, and it makes me incredibly proud.

Why has the user experience become so important?

The products and services we use in our private and working lives are becoming rapidly and increasingly digital. When was the last time you were in a travel agency, called the operator to find a phone number, filled out a bank transfer by hand or printed out a boarding card? However, a digital product can only be successful if users can operate it easily, feel at home using it and if it can be used for its intended purpose. That is why the importance of the user experience is growing in step with digitalization.

What particularly impressed the seven independent jury members about the user concept of the ZEISS KINEVO 900? Why did ZEISS receive the award?

The user experience concept embodied in ZEISS KINEVO 900 is based on interaction patterns that users have already learned from their own personal smartphones. After the award ceremony I talked with one of the jurors, Pia Betton, who is a partner at Eden Spiekermann. She told me that the jury was very impressed at how we managed to reduce the complexity of the system so consistently in the user interface and apply well-known interaction patterns in such a way that even she, as a layperson, immediately understood the technology.

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