Working at ZEISS

“I enjoy the work I do because I see the point of it all: to help people see better and thus improve their lives”

Glancing at your alarm clock in the morning or looking at the menu one evening at the Italian place around the corner – a lot of people have trouble doing these things without the right visual aids! Silvia Schön knows this all too well: “I am extremely short-sighted and have been wearing glasses since I was nine years old,” she says. Since good vision is not something Silvia can take for granted, she’s all the more grateful to work at a company that stands for optimum visual comfort and exceptional visual experiences.


“ZEISS is definitely the jackpot for me!”

Not only are they extremely tiny in the meantime, but we can no longer imagine our lives without them: microchips. The entirety of today’s information and communication technology is simply not conceivable without them. Think, for example, about the rapid development from the first mobile phones to today’s smartphones: they are basically pocket-sized computers. Modern technology is getting smaller and more powerful by the day. But what do microchips in smartphones have to do with ZEISS, an optics and optoelectronics concern?


When Tomorrow Becomes Today

Research at ZEISS is in a position to shape the future – and it’s set to do just that. For physicist Michael Totzeck, that means observing and assessing trends. He sees great opportunities in one particular area: quantum applications. Here’s a day in the life.


Driving success from the back office

Growing From Australia to Singapore - my 25-year journey at ZEISS

Being in the organisation for 25 years, Greg describes his journey from being an Accounts Clerk fresh from graduation, all the way to his current role as the Chief Financial Officer for ZEISS Southeast Asia. He recounts his experience of leaving Australia to take on bigger responsibilities in Singapore – and why he has enjoyed every bit of it.