Hackathon Winners Take San Francisco by Storm

First, there was the challenging task at the 24-hour ZEISS Hackathon in Munich, Germany: “Bringing Data Science to the Nano Age.” Now, the winning team has claimed their prize: four of the five winners traveled to San Francisco. There, they visited SEMICON West and other hot spots. Thomas and Rob shared their experiences. One trip, two viewpoints.


24 Hours of Data Science – The ZEISS Hackathon 2019

It’s 8 a.m. on Saturday 9 February 2019 and we’re in Munich. The colorful facade of the Kistlerhof creative hub is hard to miss. This is where ZEISS Digital Innovation Partners is based. It’s still pretty quiet as I step inside the yellow building with its big blue dots and go up to the fourth floor. As the elevator doors open, I am greeted by a lively hubbub – all around me are people chatting away in English and German. The first hackers are signing up for the ZEISS Hackathon 2019: Bringing Data Science to the Nano Age.


A World of Bugs and Bytes

"VISIONary ideas wanted" at the ZEISS Hackathon in Munich and Bangalore

At the ZEISS Hackathon held in Munich and Bangalore at the end of January, programmers, designers and businesspeople from across the globe came together to fly the flag of better vision. They had just 24 hours to draw on their ingenuity and technical vision to come up solutions that would go a long way toward improving the lives of people with visual impairments. In the end, they all gained experience and the best ideas were honored with prizes.


Design is Key

ZEISS was honored for the user experience (UX for short) offered by the ZEISS KINEVO 900 robotic visualization system used in neurosurgery.


Hackathon – New Ideas Born of Creative Chaos

Exciting topics, great prizes, major industry partners and half-empty pizza boxes, spilled fizzy drinks and dark circles under the eyes – what is it about organized chaos that companies and hackers find so appealing?