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Water as one of the primordial elements has been a constant source of fascination for the human imagination, and offers a host of stunning images for photographers. The quietness of a lake in the mountains, reflecting the beauty of its pristine natural environment, forms a fascinating contrast to the swift flow of a brook running through the forest undergrowth, for example. To better capture the brilliant colors and contrasts in images of natural scenery, photographers can use polarizing filters. However, taking really good shots is sometimes more about having a bit of background knowledge and creative thinking than any special accessories.

Lakeside scene in Murgtal, Black Forest (Makro-Planar T* 2/100; F/2,8; 1/3,000 sec.; ISO-200).
Lakeside scene in Murgtal, Black Forest (Photo by Sabine Unterderweide).

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Different perspectives

A wide variety of lenses are suited for capturing even the tiniest subjects with a (digital) SLR camera. Not only those designated as “macro” lenses work for close-up photography.

"Alligator Pear", shot with Makro-Planar T* 2/50  (Photo by Christopher Deutscher).
"Alligator Pear", shot with Makro-Planar T* 2/50  (Photo by Christopher Deutscher).

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