Know even before photokina what we'll show this year?


Participate in our game!

To pass your time before photokina, we thought of a little game. For every challenge solved you receive a snippet of our image. Thus as we go along you get hints to our new products that we will present at this year’s photokina.

What is your favorite ZEISS lens?

Lenses are indispensable tools in photography. We would love to know which ZEISS lens is your favorite, what you like about it and how you use it in your photography. Please write a short text and share it with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@carlzeisslenses) and thus get the next information snippet.

With every challenge solved you receive another part of the image
With every challenge solved you receive another part of the image

It’s that easy to participate in our game to receive further information snippets:

  1. Visit ZEISS Lenses on Facebook ( or on Twitter ( There you’ll always find a post about the current challenge.
  2. Post your text in the comments (Facebook) or as a reply or @mention (Twitter; @carlzeisslenses). For that purpose use the hashtag #ZEISSphk14.
  3. Send us a private message if you have participated in the current challenge. We’ll send you the corresponding part of the image solution as an answer approximately one day later.

We’re looking forward to many participants and an exciting photokina 2014!

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  1. Joerg Thierer

    What about the new ZM lens that was announced in 2012?
    Will it be there finally? I need something to feed my Leica M (240)!

    1. ZEISS Camera Lenses

      Post author

      Dear Joerg!
      We are sorry not to be able to provide you with any news at the moment, please have some more patience. We will give you an update as soon as possible.
      Best regards
      ZEISS Lenses Team

  2. Usually I would say the 15mm ZE however as this is not a lens I personally own (I rent it when required) I would have to say the 50mm 1.4 (an amazing standard focal range lens, which keeps surprising me - this is my goto lens)

    Another close contender is the 18mm which is really growing on me... Used to find the lens a bit soft and a bit too wide for me, however these days it's my favourite wide angle lens - I love the true colour rendition and high contrast in the details I can capture with this lens)

    Uhmmm... Cannot wait to see the OTUS range at Photokina this year (feel free to let me know if you have a spare 55mm/85mm which I can play with during the weekend of the 20-21/9 :-) I will happily babysit them in my hotel just opposite the Expo :-)



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