The ZEISS Challenge

The ZEISS Challenge: Touit in Bangkok

The sixth Challenge Voting is over. The community decided that Challenge C is the winner (38 votes), followed by Challenge B (16 votes) and Challenge A (15 votes).

Here’s what we asked the community to vote for:

It's time for some new applications for the Touit lenses. What kind of photo would you like to see?

Challenge A: 
Close-up photography: There are loads of objects and textures in Bangkok for excellent close-up photography.

Challenge B: 
Wide-open places: Despite being such a crowded city there are plenty of open sceneries. For these a wide-angle lens is need to take it all in.

Challenge C: 
Colorful Bangkok: Take a really colorful photo!

What do you want our photographers to do tomorrow? Vote now!

You can find the results here:

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