The ZEISS Challenge

The ZEISS Challenge: Touit in Bangkok

The fifth Challenge Voting is over. The community decided that Challenge B is the winner (125 votes), followed by Challenge A (61 votes) and Challenge C (12 votes).

Here’s what we asked the community to vote for:

Half of the challenge is over and our two teams are head to head. Time to go out and show you new sides of Bangkok. What do the four photographers have to face next? Bangkok is a city with many faces, which one would you like to see?

Challenge A:
Visit the temples of Bangkok and try to humbly photograph the beautiful spirituality of Bangkok. 

Challenge B:
Bangkok is infamous for its nightlife which poses its own problems with difficult lighting conditions and movement. Try to capture “the life at night”, which can be full of action and life but also of emptiness and sadness.

Challenge C:
Modern Bangkok: So far the four have been mostly around the older part of Bangkok but to give full credit to this wonderful metropolis one also has to show the new side with all its modern architecture and huge shopping malls.

What do you want our photographers to do tomorrow? Vote now!

You can find the results here:

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