For fans of Carl Zeiss, photokina 2012 was a huge event. The new lens family for mirrorless system cameras attracted lots of attention, both from visitors to the trade fair itself as well as trade professionals from around the world. Starting in summer 2013, sophisticated photographers will be able to take pictures with Carl Zeiss lenses on cameras such as the Sony NEX-7 or the Fujifilm X-Pro 1. The first three fixed focal lengths of this new lens family will be 2.8/12, 1.8/32 and a 2.8/50 macro, each with E mount (for Sony NEX cameras) and X mount (for Fujifilm X-Pro cameras).

Visitors at the ZEISS applications island at photokina 2012.
Visitors at the ZEISS applications island at photokina 2012.

Carl Zeiss also announced a new high-end lens family designed for extremely high image performance for digital 35mm full-frame photography. This lens family is aimed at very demanding photographers who appreciate maximum image quality, even with an open aperture.  For this reason the construction, design, size and weight of this lens family distinguish themselves from the ZE and ZF.2 lenses that have been available until now. The first lens from this new family is expected to be on the market in the autumn of 2013. It is perfectly suited for digital full-frame cameras with more than 30 megapixels, just as the other members of this lens family will also be.

In addition, Carl Zeiss extended its portfolio of SLR lenses to include an even longer telephoto focal length: the Apo Sonnar T* 2/135. At the ‘applications island’ at Carl Zeiss’s booth, visitors could experience what it feels like to take pictures with a ZEISS lens. Numerous development and application experts were also on hand to answer every question.

Martin Dominicus, Head of Marketing for the Camera Lens Division of Carl Zeiss, is very pleased with the results of the trade fair. “Photokina proved once again that it is the truly the world’s most important trade fair for everything connected with photography. The interest from trade professionals for our new products was huge and we had many good conversations with the visitors to our booth.”

Carl Zeiss’s involvement in the shoot movie park at photokina was also well received.  The presentations by Sebastian Wiegärtner, a German HD video expert and cameraman, attracted hundreds of users each day who were all eager to learn more about HD video and how to film with DSRL cameras. Throughout the trade fair, Carl Zeiss’s on-site editorial team also kept fans and customers of Carl Zeiss informed about the new products and features through the social web.

Sales Director Michael Schiehlen is also satisfied. “Photokina was the ideal setting to introduce new products, meet our customers in person, and let our customers experience the ZEISS brand.” Photokina, the world’s biggest trade fair for photography, is staged every two years in Cologne.  Carl Zeiss has been present every year since the first photokina was held in 1950.

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  1. ZMFan

    Before the blog mentioned there would be at least new ZM lens for next year, why there was not any info in the photokina

  2. I think someone thinks that M mount adapter users are acquiring these lenses since there is a shortage of native lenses. That is just partly true. There is a subculture of MF junkies, and some of them are suffering of Leica envy syndrome (LES), some are dreaming of a digital Contax and quite a few just like your lenses.

    The thing is that there are many of us who love ZM, and feel that your presence on that market is good.

  3. c.d.embrey

    Not everyone wants/needs wideangle lenses. How about a 90mm f/1.8 for E-mount and X-mount. A close focusing 135mm f/2.? for E & X would also be a great.

  4. Ashley Groome

    Long time - big fan of eiss products - Not everyone want/need manual focus lenses. How about Zeiss stepping into the 21st Century and making a line of AF lenses as well.


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