It is here: the lens at the top of the wish list of our community on Facebook and Flickr. Now you can look forward to exploring entirely new creative opportunities. In the next few days, this is where we will be showing you everything our new SLR lens has to offer.

By the way: If you register as a Facebook fan, you can be one of the first to get all the latest news about our new super wide, and lots of pictures, too. Join like-minded friends of Carl Zeiss on Facebook, or here on the Camera Lens Blog, discuss what you think and let us know what you are expecting from our latest lens.

The lens our photographic community has been dreaming of: The new ZEISS Distagon T* 2,8/15. Available in May 2012.
The new ZEISS Distagon T* 2,8/15. Available in May 2012.

Full protection against extraneous light. Thanks to Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflex coating and lens edges finished with special lacquers
Full protection against extraneous light
15 elements in 12 groups: Special glasses with anomalous partial dispersion, aspherical elements and floating element construction. The new super wide-angle from Carl Zeiss Available in May 2012.
15 elements in 12 groups
Explore totally new horizons of sharpness and depth of field with a focusing range of 0.25m to infinity
Explore totally new horizons of sharpness and depth of field
Protection: an integrated lens hood with 95 mm filter thread
Protection: an integrated lens hood with 95 mm filter thread
Explore new perspectives in your pictures with a super-wide 110°, angle of view
The latest SLR lens for different mounts. Available in May 2012

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  1. Edoardo

    Really? Great UWA options aren't scarce, especially for Nikon shooters. Even neglected Canonistas can adapt the 14-24. I've got one and use it usually from 14-18mm and maybe 4 times a year.

    Where are the Zeiss APO tele primes? That's where there aren't great options >135 and <200mm. Leica R Tele APOs are traded like gemstones on eBay. Because that's what they really are. I would have thought that's where Zeiss would have gone next. Oh well.

    1. Edoardo, I guess you meant "Bulky UWA options aren’t scarce ..." 😛
      Being a Nikon shooter I have never considered the 14-24 as viable option. The 14-24 is a very good lens indeed, but it's too bulky and heavy, doesn't accepts normal filters and requires expensive and obtrusive adapters. This is the reason why I opted for the 21 Distagon. A wider lens, with similar size as the 18, would be a welcome addition to Zeiss line-up.

      1. Edoardo

        The bulk is why I went for a 21 too. The instances where the **average** enthusiast both needs and can properly compose an UWA are often infrequent.

  2. you young jin

    Users are using is the Sony a900.
    Carl Zeiss lens, high-performance lens, and
    The lens is heavy yeoksina say something?
    It says that big problems if heavy I doesueopda
    Zeiss ragoyo am now a professional wide-angle lens is right?
    Super wide-angle lens pyeonggwang recommend? 2f / 15m so right?
    Among them 14-24 or 70-200 or 50-300 of the
    I'm thinking Sony made​​.
    And my English is very concrete strength imnida 0 points
    Furnace is completely ingkeulrasi

    1. norbert

      @you young jin
      Seriously WTF?

      The lens look very promising, but come on.. Show something more than screws.

  3. Eric

    I agree about the lack of tele lenses. I would *love* a 200mm Makro-Planar. It would open up an entire range of photography for me -- birds, wasps (close-ups are not a good career move), climbers, mountains/moon, sunsets, etc etc. If I want wide, I'll use a MF like a Mamiya 7.

  4. petr jehlik

    well, it looks like 18/2 ZF/E is comming.. in other word s fastest UWA lens ever built - that's my bet (maybe "wish"); more realisticaly 16/3,5 or slightly faster whith that huge filter thread Ø95 in mind..

  5. franco

    i would like a 20 mm f/4 and a 85 mm f/2.8 , with the same filter diameter (62 mm.?) , lightweight , without flare (when shoot the sun) , for mountain and hiking use.

  6. hannes

    Looks like a 12mm f/2.5 lens with close focusing capability. Hope it also comes with E-Mount (even without AF), as it would complement the existing Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 perfectly.

    1. hannes

      Well, 110 grade field of view should be equal to about 12mm focal length at fullframe. And I bet it's f/2.5, which would be extremely fast for such a wide lens. Nice addition to their line-up!

  7. juan carlos

    really too / detail shots of screws and lens cap edge, am i that stupid... you announce the latest greatest with no information / just what is that wide angle lens you're promising im not seeing ?? guessing is old and not fun trick zeiss !

    1. Matthew Vella

      The complete specs and official announcement are supposed to be published by Zeiss in 3 days' time, i.e. Friday 16th March

  8. I am just DYING to take this to NYC with me and get some amazing architecture shots. This is going to be one INSANE lens. I have the 3.5/18 - it's just not crazy wide enough for my vision of cityscapes and seascapes. This 15 is topping my want list now.

  9. Matthew Vella

    As far as I know this will be a 15mm f2.8. I sincerely hope that this new lens is rectilinear.

    What I would really want to see from Zeiss is a 125mm APO IF 1:1 Macro lens. I decided not to go for the 100mm in favour of the Nikon because the Zeiss is 1:2 and does not have IF.

  10. M

    A very, very intriguing optic that finally offers Canon shooters a world-class UWA option. As a Nikononian I'm quite content with my ZF.2 21 and 1,4/35 along with the peerless Nikkor 14-24.

  11. As far as I understand zeiss has a strategy that focus on the quality of the MTF , reasonable fast f values with acceptable prices, not the filter size,ease of use,weight the beginning of the this strategy they did not used much special glasses such as aspheric and anamolous disperse but now they turned to use of them with an acceptable extra price up.Nowadays digital era getting into a new stage of high resolution which demands more powerfull lenses than the zeiss think and I guess about it.I think zeiss will again adopt their strategy making less CA and distortion on the new lenses with or without adding fisheye lens to complete lens line up similar to contax lenses.

    1. Daryl

      The front element looks very round, similar to the Nikon 14-24, could this be an aspheric? I look for a lens that has great sharpness out to the edges, otherwise why use a 95mm filter. Possibly made in Germany and undoubtedly very expensive.

  12. Hannes

    The lens hood of my 24mm f/1.8 CZ just fell into pieces ... That doesn't make the integrated lens hood look as an advantage ... ^^

    (Why the hell is this thing glued together?? I mean, the metal ring feels premium, but the crap plastic front - why didn't they just keep it and used it for cheapo sony lenses?)

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