Lab infrastructure solution ZEISS ZEN 2 core is connecting systems, data and workflows


With the new release of the imaging software ZEISS ZEN 2 core, users in laboratories are now even more efficient. ZEISS ZEN 2 core is not only used as a powerful tool for image analysis and interactive control of microscopes. As a lab infrastructure solution ZEISS ZEN 2 core is reflecting multi-modal workflows in connected lab environments with a single general user interface (GUI).

The single-user application of ZEISS ZEN 2 core already supports new functions for image acquisition, image analysis, reporting and managing of sample data. Correlative workflows connect light, digital and electron microscopes for more meaningful analysis. Advanced automation makes work easier and more reproducible. With the help of database interfaces, users use standardised workflows and exchange consistent analysis data between different microscopes, offline workstations, and laboratory sites.

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  1. Andrew C. Mbughi

    I am a laboratory technologist working for St. Joseph mission hospital Peramiho laboratory - Songea Tanzania. Our laboratory received a new system imported from Germany as a donation by Benedicts brothers. Unfortunately they forgot to pack CD for the camera mounted at microscope. May I ask you if you can support in any way. But the Zeiss microscope AXIO Lab A1 is the best I ever used microscope

    1. ZEISS Microscopy

      Post author

      Hi Andrew,

      We are sorry for the missing CD. Please provide us with your contact details or get in touch via: Thank you.

      Your ZEISS Microscopy team


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