ZEISS introduces Fast Acquisition Mode for LSM 880 with Airyscan

Upgrade enables confocal superresolution imaging with four times the speed and improved signal-to-noise ratio


LSM 880 with Airyscan - Revolutionize Your Confocal Imaging
LSM 880 with Airyscan – Revolutionize Your Confocal Imaging

Today, ZEISS is expanding the capabilities of the Airyscan detector for confocal laser scanning microscopes (LSM) to applications demanding the highest imaging speeds. The Fast module for ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan enables parallel excitation and detection of four image pixels. The result is a speed improvement by a factor of four, while maintaining the outstanding sensitivity of Airyscan and 1.5x resolution improvement. The gain in imaging speed allows researchers to enter the domain of classic resonant scanning systems, but with a much better signal-to-noise ratio. ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan can be used for single and multiphoton experiments, providing full flexibility for life science applications.

Drosophila embryo, confocal microscopy of central nervous system. Courtesy of Dr. Julia Sellin, AG Hoch, LIMES Institut, Bonn

The Fast module for ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan complements the leading platform for confocal live cell imaging. Starting today, researchers can experience hands-on experiments with their own samples in selected worldwide ZEISS demo centers. Existing ZEISS LSM 880 systems can easily be upgraded on site with the Fast module.

Video: Fast mode acquisition of Drosophila melanogaster embryo

Released in 2014, the Airyscan detector quickly established itself as a new standard in confocal live cell imaging. Since then, scientists have already used the increased resolution in all spatial dimensions and the highest sensitivity of Airyscan to publish exciting new data in high-ranking scientific journals. The ZEISS LSM 8 family with Airyscan collected multiple prestigious awards, including an R&D 100 Special Recognition Award, a Scientist’s Choice Award for best new life science product, and the Innovation Prize of the State of Thuringia.

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More details and contact are available on our website: www.zeiss.com/lsm880

Registration for demo requests is available here: www.zeiss.com/lsm-demo

Science publication with ZEISS LSM 880 with Airyscan and Fast module: “Detyrosinated microtubules buckle and bear load in contracting cardiomyocytes”, Robison et al, Science 22 Apr 2016, Vol. 352, Issue 6284

More details about Airyscan: www.zeiss.com/airyscan


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