School classes analyse water samples with ZEISS microscopes

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A recently equipped digital classroom at the IGA campus in Berlin supports students in environmental education. With the IGA campus and the newly built environmental education centre, the IGA is focusing on encouraging the learning through play of children and young people and allowing people of all ages to experience nature in an active way.

Analysing water quality

A laboratory with 28 networked ZEISS Primo Star and Stemi 305 microscopes, as well as accessories such as cameras, enables interactive learning. From a raft on the Wuhleteich, a small pond nearby, school classes take water samples, carry out initial experiments there and then analyse the water samples in the new environmental education center. In the digital classroom, students determine the water quality and learn about the water flora and fauna. The live images of the connected microscopes can be transferred to the main display directly on an iPad, iPhone or via a projector to discuss in the group.

Photo: Thomas Uhlemann
Photo: Thomas Uhlemann

The IGA campus and the environmental education centre

The IGA campus is designed to be a place for learning, encountering and experimenting within the International Garden Exhibition 2017 (IGA) – a festival celebrating international garden design and green lifestyles in Berlin. Primarily conceived for teenagers and children, the IGA-classroom strives to integrate educational selections on urban gardening, development education, arts and media, and professional orientation. As a model location, the IGA campus lays the foundations for lasting environmental education in the district. In the 186 days of the international horticultural exhibition, more than 2,500 events invite guests to get actively involved, and discover and try out new things. “With the IGA campus and the environmental education centre, the international garden exhibition is a perfect place for green learning in Berlin, which will continue beyond the IGA,” says IGA Managing Director Katharina Lohmann.

More information about the Digital Classroom from ZEISS

More information about the IGA campus

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